Barefoot in Ethiopia: For anyone who has ever wanted to save the world or is amused to watch someone else try...


Kyra always wanted to save the world. When she left high school, she inspired her brother, her partner and her friend to raise $12,000 to build a health clinic in the Ethiopian Desert. She soon realises that building a clinic won't save the world. So what next?

Rebelling against the aid machine, Kyra decides to do things her own way. Her brother, Aidan is also in on the plan. The film follows Kyra and Aidan for the next 4 years as they struggle with the reality of starting their own aid organisation. Kyra wants to genuinely connect with the community and Aidan wants to give it a crack, "we are young a bit frivolous, but that's all part of the learning curve..."

Filmed and Directed by Sieh Mchawala

Produced by Jeni Lee

Written by Jeni Lee and Sieh Mchawala

Edited by David Banbury, Jeni Lee and Sieh Mchawala

Sound edit by Russell Alexander

Original music composed by Sands Johal and Tom Harrer

Officially Selected Bigpond Adelaide Film Festival 2011Officially Selected Tri-Continental Film Festival South Africa 2011Officially Selected People to People Conference South Africa 2011
Nominated Best Feature SASA Awards 2011Nominated F4 Awards Outstanding New Documentary Talent 2011


Produced in association with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, financed with the Assistance of the South Australian Film Corporation, financed with the assistance of Screen Australia.

© 2010 Copyright Jennifer Lee trading as Carousel Media and South Australian Film Corporation.Screen AustraliaAustralian Broadcasting CorporationTriple JSouth Australian Film Corporation